The Riot is back at full strength, hitting the airwaves with extra  show this week:

  • Amidst the tragedy in Gaza, remember that Hamas are savages;
  • Hamas is counting on leftist idiots’ weakness;
  • The Riot is secretly part of the great Zionist conspiracy;
  • Today’s liberal comics are NOT the heirs to Carlin, Pryor and Lenny;
  • Leftist comedians: only liberals are funny, right-wingers are just mean;
  • You know what happens when you pass a law without reading it? The ACA gets overturned;
  • No liberals, “intent” doesn’t apply when it’s in black and white;
  • Is there anyone left in the U.S. that thinks Obama is doing a good job?
  • Immigration reform? Start by building a damn wall!
  • Enjoy a politically correct Polish joke;

… and more! So grab a beer, point at Dean Obeidallah and mock him while The Riot is playing in the background!