Things are slightly askew in the Riotous studios this week, but that doesn’t stop us from bringing you the standard of excellence (?) you’re accustomed to:

  • Where in the world in Judo Larry M?
  • The NYPD fucked up on film;
  • Can all the hens stop cackling about #NotMyBossesBusiness?
  • Refusal to subsidize is not denial to access;
  • If liberals’ ideas are so wonderful, why use force of law to hoist them on people?
  • Fighting the language and thought police at every turn;
  • Did we use the “i-word”? You’re damn right we did!
  • Look, Bill Maher is an asshole; but to interpret his joke as sexist is just plain nuts;
  • Hey liberals: try producing something other than #FalseOutrage for a change;
  • Spouting the same words and thoughts is NOT diversity, liberals;
  • Liberals love the prospect of a soulless society;

… and more! So tune in to the Riot and let’s do this thing!