The Riot is running on all cylinders this week, speeding towards the all the issues of the week that pique our interest:

  • The fallout from the Anthony Cumia episode is still being felt;
  • When does losing $3 million a year equal breaking even?
  • Did Sirius unleash its own destruction by firing Cumia?
  • Gawker was offended by “anti-black” remarks, but is OK shitting on redheads;
  • All liberals know that deep down, every conservative and libertarian is a racist;
  • Screw “Big Brother”, the liberal speech police are doing a great job of thought control;
  • Guess what Sparky: the Left is now the party of censorship, not the Right;
  • Why is a genderless race of mediocrity so appealing to liberals?
  • NYC is not interested in cheap and ubiquitous taxi service for its citizens;
  • Soccer still blows, despite what doofus hipsters and dopey moms may tell you;
  • Soccer is so beautiful a game that you need a police escort to leave the stadium;
  • Your city sucks if Lebron James causes you to take to the streets with joy;

…and more! So put up your feet and grab a beer, because this week’s Riot is here to bring meaning to your life!