An emotional Riot episode this week, as Big Fat John and Judo Larry M take a look back a very busy and controversial week:

  • Adam Richman loses 70lbs, uses a hashtag, gets fired;
  • Liberal Logic: Getting assaulted is OK, just don’t rant about it using salty language;
  • Questioning race issues WILL NOT be tolerated, unless you’re in the minority;
  • In the name of diversity, please follow these liberal talking points– or be fired;
  • Anthony Cumia gets lynched by SiriusXM;
  • Joan Rivers proves she doesn’t give a shit what YOU think;
  • Calm down feminists, no one took away your contraception;
  • The first step in bringing down coerced union membership?
  • Liberal outlets make up their own facts, narratives to bring down Anthony Cumia;

… and more! If you believe in freedom of expression and speech, don’t miss this week’s episode of the Riot!