The summer is heating up, and so is The Riot! Join laugh masters Big Fat John and Judo Larry M as they jump into action this week:

  • Big Fat John is on the mend;
  • Judo Larry was trapped (?) in the Gay Pride Parade;
  • Where were all the lesbians at the Gay Pride parade?
  • Do short-shorts, mesh tops and EDM properly advance the gay agenda?
  • Growing up straight in a gay neighborhood;
  • Does the gay rights movement need an image overhaul?
  • Blaming black guys for non-existent crimes;
  • Ann Coulter ripped off our soccer thesis;
  • Nancy Grace strikes again;
  • If you’re running for President and claim to be broke, no votes for you;
  • Like most liberals, Hillary Clinton claims to hate wealth;
  • Becoming a millionaire really isn’t that difficult in America;
  • Want to be rich? Live below your means.
  • Implement a flat tax, get rid of 90% of the IRS;
  • The Federal Govt. can be reduced to no more than five agencies;
  • Why doesn’t the U.S. have an official language?

… and more! So stop, drop and roll in time to catch this week’s episode of The Riot!