The Riot is kicking it FIFA-style this week– we’re making a lot of noise and accomplishing nothing. Join Big Fat John and Judo Larry M as they chat about:

  • The World Cup is here, and the boredom factor just skyrocketed;
  • Soccer is not a sport, it’s just a woman’s game;
  • Soccer is designed to be more corrupt than boxing;
  • We hate soccer on its merits, not because we don’t understand it;
  • Hipsters and soccer moms push soccer on America, creating a nation of pussies;
  • No trigger warnings from us: we talk about the Redskins;
  • Definition of censorship: revoking a trademark because it’s “offensive”;
  • If “Redskins” is offensive to so many, stop watching games & buying merch;
  • Thanks to the FCC, ‘Redskins’ is the same as ‘Tits’ and ‘Fuck’;
  • Why do we tolerate the FCC censoring content anyway?
  • Standing up to the liberal speech bullies;

… and more! So show your support for the First Amendment– listen to the Riot today!