The Riot – Episode #75

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The Riot brings da noize this week– but you knew that already! Join Big Fat John and Judo Larry M for their thoughts on the week’s topics:

  • Does porn really shrink men’s brains?
  • Taking offense at what upsets you, not “community leaders”;
  • Blacks comprise 3% of Google’s workforce– is that the right amount for success?
  • Banning “tranny” is creating a controversy where there is none;
  • The PC police won’t be happy until we are all equally mediocre;
  • Life lesson: don’t casually refer to a tranny as ‘dude’. They hate that…
  • You deserve my tolerance, but my acceptance must be earned;
  • Unless the black President can point to laws that specifically promote whites, there’s no #WhitePrivilege;
  • Hey Ann Hornaday, movies don’t cause shootings– mental illness does;
  • Why don’t twats like Ann Hornaday blame the themselves/media for glorifying mass murderers?
  • This week in Muslim tolerance: Pakistani father stones own daughter to death;

… and more! So fire up the backyard BBQ and pop a few cold ones, because The Riot is back in town and we’re really hungry…

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