The Riot – Episode #74

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With the band back together in the alternate Riotous Studios, Big Fat John and Judo Larry M put on a show of epic proportions:

  • Sending cock pics is much easier now than our college days;
  • “White Privilege” is just another liberal myth, just like gender inequality;
  • Thank God for guilty white liberals, or shit like “White Privilege” would get no traction at all;
  • Sorry liberals, but my family had nothing to do with slavery in the U.S., so go fuck yourselves;
  • Rather than protest Amazon and the BSA, why don’t gays just start the Gay Scouts and exclude straights?
  • Liberals complain about Amazon negotiations with book publishers, displaying ignorance of businiess– again;
  • Really, lefties, Jeff Bezos is now evil? Really?
  • Radicals trying to unionize McDonalds? Fire them all and say hello to “McRobots”;
  • Is there anything that Obama hears about before it hits the papers?
  • Can anyone explain why Mika Brzezinski is employed? Anyone?
  • Before we start using “s-word”, can someone explain what it is we’re banning?
  • Ray Rice issues the greatest public apology ever;

… and more, all on this week’s episode of the Riot, now with 2x the laugh power of our previous formula!

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