It’s been a hectic week at the Riotous Studios, but neither rain, insomnia nor Al Sharpton can keep us from our appointed rounds! Check out this week’s topics:

  • Judo Larry is back from Arizona,without any stories of forced service to gay couples;
  • Obamacare says 7 million enrollments, we say “bullshit”;
  • When is 7 million < 2 million? When Obama does the counting!
  • Free the market for health insurance, watch rates go down and coverage go up;
  • No, liberals– it’s not our job to decipher ACA numbers, it’s Obama’s duty to report them;
  • Yet another mass shooting in a “gun-free zone”, liberals call for more gun-free zones;
  • Liberals defend the rights of the collective, Libertarians defend individual rights;
  • Judo Larry hates being a manager of others;
  • Some people think a flat tax is unfair; those people are idiots.
  • Gambling, prostitution… why are these things illegal?
  • Why is gambling prohibited, but state-sponsored Lotto is OK?
  • The liberal anti-free speech morons are now eating their own;
  • Free speech is what separates us from the savages, yet liberals want to take it away;
  • The last of the real men: Mike Francesa. Praise him…

… and more! So tune in to The Riot, ’cause we’re making it rain all over up in this bitch!