The Riot is back with its unique brand of audio entertainment– assuming that you accept the premise that what we do can be considered “entertainment”. Included in the drivel this week:

  • Is the whole Malaysia Air story a CNN attempt to remain relevant?
  • Is “Soul Plane” a modern movie masterpiece? The Riot thinks so…
  • Gov. Christie channels his inner Nixon and essentially clears himself of wrongdoing;
  • When failing to clear a lowered bar is actually a PR win;
  • Obamacare still sucks, despite lowered expectations;
  • Sen. Reid may have Alzheimer’s, which explains a lot;
  • Obamacare is just the latest embodiment of lowered liberal expectations;
  • It’s Silver vs. Krugman in the nerd bitch-slap Fight of the Century;
  • The latest example of the partisan hackery of Paul Krugman;
  • When Silver predicted liberal victory, he was a genius– now, he’s a hack;
  • Judo Larry M finds the Sean Avery-Martin Brodeur battle fascinating;
  • College players get the OK to unionize– is that a good thing?
  • BREAKING: Fred Phelps, Sr is still dead;
  • Religion isn’t the issue in the Hobby Lobby case, Govt. coercion is;
  • Magnum condoms are the greatest marketing campaign ever;
  • Baseball starts today, and Big Fat John couldn’t care less;

… and more! So fire up your MP3 player and plug in your headphones, because this week’s episode of The Riot is too juicy to miss!