No staged interviews between two pots of vegetation for Big Fat John and Judo Larry M– this one’s just real as the rest:

  • The review of the Obama-Galifianakis summit;
  • Lighten up Bill O’Reilly, sometimes things are just funny;
  • Conservatives are humorless. Really, pompous leftist “comedians”?
  • Contrary to liberal orthodoxy, the Left is not the sole intellectual class;
  • Is the failure of liberalism the cause of so many liberal comedians?
  • Why are liberals so intent on turning us into soulless lemmings?
  • “Bossy” might get banned, but thankfully “cunt” is still available;
  • Not enough female CEOs? Let’s ban free speech!
  • We’re not giving up our right to mouth off, Sheryl Sandberg;
  • Science is the work of the Devil;
  • Can you prove the Great Flood didn’t occur in Kentucky? Didn’t think so…;
  • Big Fat John doesn’t need a vacation;
  • We called it: Malaysia 370 was hijacked;
  • Thoughts on NFL Free Agency;

… and more! So don’t be ungrateful, take the time to listen to the latest episode of The Riot!