Welcome to the latest edition of The Riot, where the men are men and Dean Obeidallah feels completely out of place. Join us as the guys delve into topics like:

  • Where’s Zombie Reagan when we need him?
  • Liberals think the rest of the world is as wimpy as they are;
  • Where does Obama turn to when he’s bullied by Putin?
  • Obama isn’t John Kennedy, he’s Jimmy Carter;
  • There’s a lot of stupid people on Twitter;
  • Big Fat John and Judo Larry M must choose the lesser of two evils;
  • Too many rubes think science is the work of the Devil;
  • You can’t design educational programs for the lowest common denominator;
  • Liberals need to use the tax code to raise revenue, not affect behavior;
  • Obama’s impression of the Invisible Man is top-notch;
  • There’s no damn individual accountability in this country anymore;

… and more! So learn to love it, ’cause The Riot’s gonna be slingin’ it!