The Riot isn’t afraid to take a position on the controversial issues of the day– and the new episode is no exception:

  • The point everyone is missing in the Arizona SB 1062 debate;
  • Liberals, stop using Jim Crow laws as precedent if you don’t understand what they were;
  • The free market cures bigotry a lot faster than dopey Government laws;
  • Should a gay designer be forced to redecorate the Westboro Baptist Church?
  • What happened to the liberals who used to distrust anything the Government did?
  • Personal stories of overcoming bigotry;
  • Being pro-Free Market is not the same as being pro-Big Business;
  • Eminent domain is nothing more than government tyranny;
  • Just two months in, and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has lost all his support;
  • Good intentions mean nothing when pushing racist laws like the minimum wage;
  • Obama deploys gay battalion to combat Russian aggression in the Ukraine;
  • Why “income inequality” is another example of liberals not understanding numbers;
  • This just in: Harry Reid is still an asshole;

… and more! So go bake a big gay cake for a wedding so fabulous it’ll make your taint hurt– just make sure The Riot is playing in the background!