The flu may have knocked them down for the past few weeks, but Big Fat John and Judo Larry M were able to drag their carcasses into the Riotous studios this week to produce their usually high-quality show:

  • We’re media whores, and not ashamed of it;
  • Wrapping up the nonsense that is the #Sochi Olympics;
  • The Pussy Riot is way tougher than you are;
  • Americans don’t appreciate what they have;
  • Ted Nugent is out of his mind, and he doesn’t care;
  • Sorry rubes, Creationism is NOT a scientific theory;
  • The best way to battle idiots like the Westboro Baptist Church ismore free speech;
  • Why is the FCC allowed to censor speech?
  • There’s way too many anti-science people in the U.S.;

… and more! So tune in toThe Riot and become wise in the ways of decency!