It may be Super Bowl week here in New York City, but that hasn’t distracted The Riot from doing what it does best: sitting on a couch drinking beer and farting. But in addition to that, the guys managed to pump out an interesting show as well:

  • Atlanta takes two inches and it hurt her bad;
  • The Fugelsanging of liberals continues;
  • Same old liberal talking points, same old shitty results;
  • The #SOTU scores lowest ratings in over 12 years;
  • Inequality, Opportunity, Upward Mobility… Obama managed to lie about all of them;
  • Obamacare still isn’t working– on any level;
  • Justin Bieber gets her panties in a bunch;
  • The Riot loves the AVN Sex Awards;
  • Big Fat John is a raging porn addict;
  • MSNBC and their corporate culture of hate;
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford reaches new heights of awesomeness;
  • The Riot gives you the Super Bowl-winning pick;

… and more! So sit back and enjoy the newest episode of  The Riot before the government outlaws this ridiculous form of entertainment.