The Riot celebrates MLK day the only way it knows how: by doing a show! Take a few moments to absorb some Riotous knowledge on:

  • Reviewing the NFL Conference championships;
  • Richard Sherman: punk or genius?
  • Navarro Bowman is mas macho;
  • Judo Larry M knows how to bet the Super Bowl;
  • Taking bets on what the Sochi terrorist act will be;
  • Judo Larry has trouble with steering clear of the law;
  • Soccer is corrupt *and* still sucks;
  • Gov. Cuomo wants conservatives to bug out of New York;
  • Why do liberals get to define the Republican party?
  • Kim Kardashian’s ass looks good, thanks to Photoshop;
  • Why does the word “cunt” have so much power in America?

… and more! So don’t delay, join the Riot today!