Big Fat John and Judo Larry M kick off the new year in grand style, delivering the same quality entertainment as they always have (i.e., shitty comedy):

  • BridgeGate, aka the Fat & the Furious;
  • Big Fat John loves torturing liberals on Twitter;
  • Alienating an old college classmate;
  • Mocking Melissa Harris-Perry’s “apology”– and her lisp;
  • Liberal comedians have no sense of humor about themselves;
  • Honoring Al Goldstein;
  • Combating tyranny by exporting gay athletes– go Obama!
  • Taking inspiration from the Pussy Riot’s release;
  • Converting to Judaism for professional reasons;
  • You’ve been Fugelsanged!

… and more! So join us for a bagel, lox and a smear and get down with The Riot!