Episode #62 of The Riot is now available! Check out this week’s episode:

  • Judo Larry M brings home the Fantasy Football bacon;
  • Why is a Louisiana hayseed the center of everyone’s attention?
  • Is anyone really informing their genital preferences based on what the Duck Dynasty guy says?
  • Speaking of genitals, @AETV needs to grow a pair of balls;
  • Pajama Boy has done wonders for our Klout score;
  • Liberals, Pajama Boy, and the new Alpha Male;
  • #WHYouth: Making Barack Goebbels proud!
  • Think you’re a great lover? Have you ever banged a chick through a wall?
  • #TorontoMayor Rob Ford continues to justify his Riot Hall of Fame selection;
  • How does Obama stand up to Putin? By sending lots of gay guys to Sochi!
  • Finally, the #PussyRiot has been released!

…and more!

So listen to this very special Holiday episode of The Riot– or Pajama Boy will show up to your house and drink hot chocolate.