It’s the post-Thanksgiving hangover and Big Fat John and Judo Larry M reveal what they discussed during their respective big meals…

  • Reviewing the Thanksgiving Day NFL games;
  • What’s a Lingam massage and why does Big John want one?
  • Societal remedy via servile women?
  • Remembering the Honeymooners;
  • Should shops have closed on Black Friday?
  • The Pope really has no clue about economics;
  • Liberal Logic: make minimum wage $200/hr, eliminate poverty!
  • Can the U.S. veer off the Road to Serfdom before it’s too late?
  • Government should be a referee in the economy, not a player;
  • Why doesn’t Obama talk about the “Knockout Game”?
  • #TorontoMayor Rob Ford still rules and vindicates his Riot HOF selection;

… and more!

So grab some of that leftover turkey and make a sandwich, pour yourself a brew and listen to this week’s episode of The Riot!