What could be better than listening to this week’s episode of The Riot? Absolutely nothing… unless you count unlimited sex with a Thai hooker versed in the art of vaginal ping pong. But other than that, nothing would be better…

  • Judo Larry reports that his asshole is A-OK this week;
  • Alec Baldwin and the hypocrisy of his anger;
  • MSNBC will not stand for nappy-headed hos, but scat is OK;
  • ┬áMartin Bashir, Sarah Palin and the mechanics of false outrage;
  • Does Martin Bashir secretly love golden showers and scat movies?
  • Big Fat John and the incredible whiteness of Green Bay;
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford still rules and vindicates his Riot HOF induction;
  • More false outrage from dopey women at the Huffington Post at Rush Limbaugh;
  • Why are journalists so eager to censor the speech of others?
  • The hidden virtue of the Senate destroying the Republic with the “nuclear option”;
  • Haikus!

… and more! So cash in your Savings Bonds, buy yourself a high-end sex worker and settle in to enjoy the latest episode of the Riot!