Listen to the Riot this week and add to the sexual tension swirling around the studio as John and Larry wax poetic on:

– The Shutdown has come to an end, and Big Fat John is none too happy about it;
– Winners and losers of the Shutdown;
– Pelosi may be an idiot, but Harry Reid is an idiot and vindictive;
– John Boehner is a damn blubbering pussy;
– Now we just wait for Obamacare to collapse under its own weight;
– Thanks to Obamacare, now 62 year old men finally have maternity care insurance;
– Big Fat John admits he loves negative campaigning, you should too…
– The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming!
– In the name of gender equality, liberals ignore basic biology;
– Was Andy Kaufman really a comedic genius?
– Larry informs us that his ass surgery has turned out really well;
– A war of bodily functions erupts at the end of the show;

… and more! So remember: it’s illegal to bash a liberal over the head with a stick, but it’s perfectly OK if there head explodes after listening to the Riot!