This week’s Riot is more entertaining than Miley Cyrus at a Salt Lick, as Big Fat John and Judo Larry M continue their assault on… well… just about everything. So like Mark the Announcer says– kick back, grab a beer and listen to this week’s episode of the Riot as the crew tackles:

  • No political winners coming out of the Shutdown;
  • Republicans need to stop listening to Democrats on which candidates to run;
  • GOP moderates and conservatives heading for divorce & Big John couldn’t be happier;
  • Instead of raising the debt ceiling, let’s cut spending by the same amount;
  • Obama is terrified that the Shutdown came– and no one really noticed;
  • Liberal logic: bad government programs can be fixed with… more government!
  • Do Republicans care if people have no healthcare insurance?
  • Obamacare has got Big Fat John feeling really sick;
  • New York’s Rabbi Mafia is not to be messed with;
  • Why we need the death penalty;
  • The “AZ Slammer” may be the greatest publication in the U.S. today!

… and more! So stop making excuses and tune in to The Riot today!