Amid a swirl of Congressional dysfunction and liberal outrage, The Riot is here to be your beacon to all that is good and just in the world:

  • Enough with the posturing, we’re down to begging for a spot;
  • Twitter trolling has reach a new high for us;
  • Remembering the great Andrew Breitbart and his effect on liberals;
  • John Fugelsang regrets ever engaging with The Riot;
  • Why do Liberals feel they are the sole heirs to the intellectual high ground in a debate?
  • When did being anti-government become being anti-people?
  • Obamacare reinforces the notion that you can’t survive without Government patronage;
  • You can’t “out-liberal” a liberal, so why does the GOP continue to gravitate towards moderate candidates?
  • New York City’s next mayor is a damned Communist;
  • Judo Larry M goes on a date;

… and more! So listen to this week’s episode of the Riot– do it for the children.