Time once again to get off your ass and Riot! Join Big Fat John and Judo Larry M as they rebound from Nature bitch-slapping them last week to discuss:

  • Looking at the causes of the Naval Yard shooting;
  • Causation, causation, and the ignorance of Piers Morgan;
  • What is the media’s role in mass shootings?
  • Colorado says “no” to NYC Mayor Bloomberg;
  • Voter Suppression is the new racism for white Democrats;
  • Angela Giron gets recalled, loses her mind;
  • ¬†How do you legislate against crazy?
  • It’s your pursuit of happiness, not the government’s;
  • Gennifer Flowers recalls Hillary Clinton’s affinity for boxes;
  • Is the Pope progressive or crazy?
  • 4,901 virgins are waiting for you, bring some Viagra and Red Bull;

… and more! So settle back, grab a beverage and soak in the enlightenment of the Riot!