The Riot is heading straight for the jugular this week, bringing the attitude that our listeners have come to expect:

  • Why isn’t Eric Holder launching a civil rights investigation in the Chris Lane case?
  • The mainstream media achieves new heights in cowardice;
  • The Left makes its living of racial strife;
  • Paternalistic liberals might be the most racist of all;
  • True innovation is beyond the reach of Government programs;
  • Equality of results is nothing more than coercion;
  • Rep. Vicki Marble is an idiot;
  • The truth about fried chicken and the Black community;
  • The Riot is out to rid the Right of racist morons;
  • “Transphobe” is not a word, despite liberals’ desires;
  • Bradley Manning takes the term “prison bitch” too literally;
  • Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and back-to-back hot lesbian action;

… and more!

So check out the new episode of the Riot, now with more goodness per bite than ever before!