The Riot is back on track this week- and by “on track”, we mean a show that could be a shining example for Attention Deficit Disorder…

  • Big Fat John just can’t stand Taylor Swift;
  • John Catsimatidis looks like a Sopranos extra;
  • Young New Yorkers have been destroyed by Bloomberg;
  • Happy endings, Hookers, and the defense of Liberty;
  • Rodeo clowns and the fall of Western civilization;
  • Hate Crime laws are nothing more than tools of political indoctrination;
  • Obama is so wonderful, he is beyond the reach of satire;
  • Don’t blame Russell Simmons if your kids think Harriet Tubman made a sex tape;
  • Filner grabs some great-granny ass, proving he’s not ageist;
  • Jesse Jackson Jr. goes the extra mile– to prison;
  • Her hijab is too sexy for Iran, causes earthquakes;
  • New podcast coming soon: the Cairo Riot!

… and more! So sit back, pop a brew and soak in the all the knowledge emanating from this week’s episode of the Riot!