Only the White Riot can take a slow news week and turn it into another spectacularly entertaining show! Well, not really, plenty of others can do the same thing. But the guys need the positive reinforcement, so let’s stick with the original premise… on this week’s Riot:

  • Should criminal trials be televised?
  • Fanning the racial flames for a riot in Florida;
  • Focusing a riotous light on international sports;
  • Deservedly getting anally raped in Pamplona;
  • Final score from Spain: Bulls 3 – Humans 0;
  • Really bad referee decisions;
  • If soccer featured more stabbings, we might be inclined to watch;
  • The World’s Most Popular Sport still sucks;
  • Why a “Living Wage” law is bad policy;
  • Big Fat John hates traveling and Judo Larry is upset about it;

… and more! So don’t delay, listen to the White Riot Show today! Operators are standing by…