Is there anything better than doing the White Riot Show on a sweltering hot New York City evening? Yes, there is– just about everything, actually. But despite the horrifically uncomfortable weather and continued reign of Emperor Bloomberg, Big Fat John and Judo Larry M press forward with their usual outstanding effort:

  • “Innocent until proven guilty” kills the Voting Rights Act;
  • Fabulous weddings, amyl poppers and short-shorts sales set to explode;
  • Why lesbian sex is hot and male gay sex is gross;
  • American Liberty = Individual > State > Nation;
  • Why is abortion not a clear case of individual liberty;
  • Wendy Davis wins the battle, Gov. Perry will win war;
  • What rights does the father have to his soon to be aborted baby?
  • Does defeat of DOMA mean polygamy and incest are next to be approved?
  • Justice be damned, Media wants a race war in Florida;
  • Anderson Cooper is an instigating, race-baiting, piece of shit;
  • Apparently, nobody in the Aaron Hernandez case has any ethnic background;
  • Honesty is NOT the best policy, Paula Deen;

… and more! So grab something cool and enjoy the soothing words of the White Riot Show!