The Riot keeps rolling this week, building on momentum and threatening to get more obnoxious than ever before:

  • When blowhards collide: Big Fat John vs. Pete Dominick;
  • Judo Larry M, haiku advice, and Vine;
  • The NSA, Obama, and his Culture of Lies;
  • Obama is the worst President since FDR;
  • Obamacare is spiraling out of control– already;
  • Martin Bashir is in an idiotic Obama apologist;
  • Emperor Bloomberg’s latest anti-liberty initiatives;
  • More money in, bigger losses- keep that business going!
  • We are not beholden to Government, it is beholden to us;
  • Lesbians get all mouthy with the First Lady;

… and more! That’s this weeks’ White Riot Show, definitely not in compliance with any Federal guidelines of good taste!