With the band back together in the WRS studios, Big Fat John and Judo Larry M put on a show of epic proportions:

  • Judo Larry tells us about his Scandinavian job;
  • Adrian Peterson is not down with gay marriage– and that’s OK;
  • Wait– gay marriage wasn’t already legal in France?
  • If Gay is OK, why is bigamy illegal?
  • Maddow proves why liberals (and women) should avoid economics;
  • Bachman retires, MSNBC treats it as a milestone event;
  • Pray the gay away today, ye sinners;
  • Is Chris Matthews gay for Obama?
  • Bill Maher is a condescending piece of shit;
  • Hot blondes being cast for the Hillary biopic?
  • Denying reality, creating Nazis;
  • Get a sense of context, people!


… and more! So make sure you’re a little hungry, because this episode of the White Riot Show is super-sized!