The Riot – Episode #37

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Judo Larry M and Big Fat John were feeling the spirit this week, as they raced into the studio to record their tremendous thoughts on:

  • The White Riot Show moving to TV?
  • Irish pride on St. Patrick’s Day;
  • Queen Bloomberg wants to hide your smokes;
  • Bill Maher has had enough;
  • Just tell us how much you want, Mr. President;
  • The tyrannical tax system in America;
  • Sen. Reid is a lying scumbag;
  • Guys defending HBO’s Girls;
  • Notes from the Middle Eastern rioters;
  • Only liberals can make gay jokes;
  • Battling Toure and his acolytes;
  • Why MSNBC continues to suck;

… and more! So screw up some intestinal fortitude and tune in to this week’s episode of the White Riot!


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