Just when you thought it was safe to listen to podcasts again, the White Riot Show is back with both guns blazing! Or maybe it should be “with both idiots babbling” as Big Fat John and Judo Larry M deliver a show rich in their usual educational content:

  • Drinking and Podcasting;
  • Detroit Voted for Obama– Now Bail Us Out!
  • Unions Keeping Detroit a Pit of Despair;
  • Jesse Ventura: Carny Extraordinaire;
  • Bob Costas is a Pompous Midget;
  • We Love Sons of Anarchy;
  • Fiscal Cliff: Real Nightmare or Liberal Boogeyman?
  • Minority Party? Go Fuck Yourself!
  • Judo Larry M Loves the Mossad;

… and more!

So strap in and tune in to the latest episode of the White Riot Show!